Tin Pieces (TP): (7.25g / cc) The TP are the normal small change of the Zamidan. Each coin weighs about 7 grams (or .25 oz). A TP is 1/10 of a CP. TPs are oval coins about 14mm wide, 22mm long and about 4 mm thick (.8inX1.2inX.15in), commonly called vids or vols (short for ovids and ovals).

Copper Pieces (CC): (8.82g / cc) The CP are the typical coin used for day to day exchanges. A typical laborer will make about 2 – 4 CP per day of work. The coin is about the same weight as the TP A CC is about 46mm diameter, and about 1.5 mm thick. (about 1.8" across and .06" thick…slightly thicker than a dime)

Bronze Hexes (BH) (8.13g/ cc) The BH is not a commonly used coin, as they are not minted in the quanity that CC or even SP are. Historically they were Naromese coins, and they are hexagonal. The Zamidan has taken to minting them, and keeping the old shape. However, if anybody really pays attention, they will only pay about 8 CC for a Naromese BH, but that is more a stigma, as the quality and weight are almost exactly the same. A BH is a hex about 15mm on a side, and 1.5mm thick. 10CC = 1 BP

Silver Pieces (SC) (10.38g/cc) The Silver Coins are used for most of the larger transactions. They are round with an off center hexagonal hole in the middle for stringing on a silken string. They weigh 8 grams (xxoz) and are about 46mm diameter, 2 mm thick, with a hex that is 7mm on a side. 100CC make up one SC.

Gold Pieces (GP) (19.2g/cc) Gold Coins are not often used by any but the most wealthy. The Gold Coin weighs about 6 g, is a wide oval about 16 by 18mm with a 7mm hole in the center, and 1.5 mm thick. 1 GC is equal to 10SC, or 1000CC. This makes a GC worth about 1 years wage for a laborer. Often called Rings or gold rings.

1 GP weighs about 6 grams (about the weight of a quarter)
10 SC (1GP) weigh 80 grams (about 3 oz or the weight of a cooked hanburger)
100 BH (1GP) weigh 750 grams (about 1 and 2/3 pounds)
1000 CC (1GP) weigh 7000 grams (almost 15 1/2 pounds)
10000 Vol (1GP) weighs 70000 grams (about 155 pounds)

Danvar coins


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