The Night Wars

Leaving in a supply wagon

for two weeks of short cielings

Moon of the Dog, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

Several nights in the Yellow Tower, a couple of visits to the Temple of the Sun Warrior, which is as close to the Sun Rider as we have found for a long while, and shopping and repair. And selling of the Star Iron.

And a near fatal accident with an avalanche, losing everything over the side of the road en route to the Forbidden City with Shaim.

Wait…Can that be right?

They have now boarded a supply caravan to take them down the Travel road, but since it is only 4 – 5 feet high, they ride in the back of the wagons or lay down in them.

After discussing the scroll case (What to do with it?) and the “Other Nakamura” with Masayasu, she is preparing to see if she can find some answers…


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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