The Night Wars

Slaver Encounter

** GM Update **

11th day of the Moon of the Goat,Year of the Dog, Star of the Cock

While camping, a young man, maybe 10 years old, with cut hands and feet, a bruise arround his wrists, wearing a filthy night shirt comes upon the camp. He says that he became sick with “the bread” and that the left the others who had…

Just after dawn, members at the camp discover him missing and begin looking. They hide the boy, and engage the searchers. Eventually, during a 7 to 2 battle, they are enspelled, and wake tied and bound. They are led to a hut, and threatened, and offered bread and water. near the evening, a man in black robes is brought to examine them…Shortly after that, they escape, and, in a berserk rage, Asukadefeats them, except one who fled, but she has a tendon in her leg slashed…


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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