The City of Brick, The city of Man, The Stone Crown, The square of Red Coal

T’Thrasi’i is an ancient city. It is said that it was the first city built by the True Men. It is said that all roads lead to it. It is said that its wall has never been breached.

Many things are said of the Ancient City, but now it is a huge city, bounded by a square of fired brick walls 1 mile on a side, 15 feet high, and almost 10 feet thick. Within the walls are signs of wealth, and abject poverty. It is constantly shrouded in a sulfuric brown smoke cloud from the continuos burning of coal from the open mines only a few miles to the south.

The Stone Crown, the palace near the center of the square is home to the Droge Tyan Feng-lu. She is an ancient True Man, that claims dominion over all of the Loh, even though few outside the great cities pay more than the slightest heed to that claim.


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