(This is the Pantheon that I have used for many years. It is a pastiche of many mythos.)


Gel’do (Creator, All Father, Ai)
Fiasa’ar (Life Giver, Breath, Sut)
Dorsim (Releaser, Mercy, Yosh)

Wimbar (Fire, Rage, Bu)
Nocton (Sarrow, Change, Ho)
Yarz (War, Chaos, Nic)


Arnhine (All Father, Sun Rider, Warlord)
Bendria (Fate Weaver, Mother)
The triplets of fate are androgynous, male, or female, depending on the receiver of their touch. They are the soldiers of the Fate Weaver. They are occasionally worshiped on their own, but most often, when worshiped are worshiped as the Triplets

Theesus (Lord of the Underworld, Prison Lord)
Wraimont (Death, Dread Lord)
Vorl (Sea King, Wind Keeper)
Robu (Justice, Law, Discipline, Vengeance, Truth)
Keen’os (Matron, Nature, Tree Born)
Rek (Apprentice, Knowledge, Secrets)

The Gods Mythos

Horinso (The Rider, The Chosen Son, Dawn Treader, Blood Letter)
Lebith (Mother of Faith, The suffering)
Lyzogrin (The Learned, Artisan)
Torba (Hearth Mother, Home Keeper, Loving Mother)
Afacs (Craftsman, The Crippled, Forever Smith)
Weva (Unseen, Spell Singer) *
Sexalad (Rywiyd) (Love, Sex, Lust, Naked one) *
Tark (Hunter, Woodlord) *
Legenar (Bard, Tale teller, He who Rewards) *
A’Aronchay (Mercy, Matron of healing, the Healer) *
Hennan (The long walk, Quester, Seeker) *
Shaz (Night walker, The Silent) *
Ura (The Hoarder, Darkness, Dwarf Mother) *
Cla’Orn (Sand Keeper, Before and After, He who Walks tomorrow) 8
Ironu (Havester, Dancer, Drunk) *

The Conclave

The conclave was set out after the gods had fought and toyed with man. All of the Gods (of course, the Elder or Forbidden Gods, were not present) were gathered under the gaze of the All Father, each with one of their most favored worshipers. At the conclave, the gods gave man the secret of Letters. And here, each god laid before all others, with the Mirror Eyed as witness, all of their sacred things. Also, it was laid out by oath of each present that the gods would no longer travel to the Realm of Man in flesh. This conclave is sacred.

(Post Script) Note that the Conclave has a very specific restriction. This restriction is very rarely (yes, very rarely) broken. This prevents dalliances with human, so that Demigods are not born. It prevent entire tribes being wiped out during a drunken brawl. It prevents gods from destroying entire towns and/or cities because a temple has wronged them. What it does NOT prevent, is temporary possession of faithful, directing their wrath by employing that which they control, nor does it prevent man from crossing into the Realms of the Gods, and causing the birth of Demigods, etc…. Furthermore, the conclave lays out the basis for the Human Law of Sanctity, which prevent any Law of Man being enforced in a temple and and prevents any priest from being sentenced by a Law of Man for what happens inside a sacred place.


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