Setting Notes

Setting Notes

The campaign is set in Danvar, the largest island nation of the Sea Kingdoms. It is a European fantasy setting with an Oriental, specifically Japanese, flavor. Honor is important, for instance, but not to the extent in medieval Japan. Tea and rice are staples, Saki is the most common alcoholic beverage, followed very closely by beer. Humans are the predominant race. High Humans are the rulers, as well as power players in the lands. However, they are vastly outnumbered by the common man; in the order of several hundred to one. There are several clans of dwarves, mountain folk, that live here, but they are getting fewer. The elves are mostly from the Loh, but there are elven settlements consisting predominantly of Grey Elves. Orcs are considered a monster race, but Half-orcs are encountered regularly (if not often) usually as servants or body guards. Halflings are quite rare. Within the Zamidan, there are the civilized peoples, and the Hill folk (not to be confused with the Mountain folk). The hill folk are “barbarians” who occasionally raid the “civilized” people. To keep the armies skills, they are ofttimes raided by those civilized armies. The two human populations are roughly equal.

As for RMSS specifics, the game is at a middle ages technology. Steel is common, but high quality steel is available. Dwarves are the normal smiths of White Alloy, and Black Alloy is a closely guarded dwarven secret, and such items, particularly weapons, are rarely found outside their hands. Magic is common, and it is not unusual for those of Oturi rank often have some small magic item…a pot that heats tea, or a cloth that magically polishes metal once a day. However, mentalism is looked on with suspicion, and those “brain eaters” that practice it openly are not often trusted. Arcane magic is not known to any but the most dedicated scholars of magic, but there are a few who practice it.

Regarding rank: The Zamidan tends to have a fairly egalitarian view of women and men. There are no specific restrictions forbidding women from any public position, be it guild mistress or soldier or general. However, two individuals of the same rank but different sexes, the deference is almost invariably given to the male.

Horses are not unknown, but they are not often ridden. The normal beasts of burden are oxen and oxen and goats are the normal meat/milk animals. Fish, of many different types, is the second most common staple, the first is rice. People also eat duck, chicken, pigeon, hawk and gull. Beans, black and soy, are eaten and made into pastes. Stuffed dumplings, made with rice flour, or a common snack, and when filled with fruits and nut pastes, as a treat. Rice noodles are common, but there is wheat, mostly imported, so bread is eaten as well, but it tends to be expensive. Poisonous blowfish,and shark are considered delicacies. Again, think Chinese/Japanese food, with a smattering of European bread/cheese/sausage thrown in. There are frozen deserts, but they are expensive so often only eaten by Merchant mon and above.

Time keeping can be quite exact. Water clocks and Sand glasses are used whenever time needs to be precise, such as for some alchemical undertakings, or particular religious needs. Each day is divided into the common 24 hours. Although those that keep clocks create the time of midnight to be the new day, most people count the days from dawn to dawn, and use candle marks to set their day. There are 20 candle marks in a day, making each candle mark an hour and 12 minutes. Because the calendar is based on a lunar cycle, the common day frames are a “seven day”, which is a quarter moon, and “a moon,” which is 28 days. Each moon starts the night after the new moon, ending on the new moon.

Prices are generally as listed in RMSS and 10’ pole when creating characters, but after that, prices are generally 1/3 – 1/2. The zamidan is not rich. Taxes are owed in the fall, and is based upon land claimed, as well as other property…livestock is taxed, food is not. Armor is taxed, tools are not. The Zareev is the agent appointed by the Lord Burser in charge of tallying and collecting taxes.

Setting Notes

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