Dubrum – Living Dead: Prisoners, Slaves…No Honour to their name

Hi’Dubrum – Honoured Dead; Laborers, Serfs, Servants

  • Yodubra
  • Malbra
  • Ha’Dubra
    Shan’a – Valued; Land owners, Shop Owners, Constabulary
  • Burnan
  • Teshan
  • Obran
  • Han
    Oturi – Lords; Guildmasters, City Official, Council of Govenors
  • Ralri
  • Keeturi
  • Jutri
  • Munri
    Merchant Mon (Technically all families are equal, but most acknowledge the families in the following rank order:)
  • Obeleho ; Deal with the Agriculture of the lands…severely hindered over the war
  • Doh ; Deal with the manufacture of the lands, including the mines (suffering only because of lack of people to work the mines, smelters, tanneries, etc…)
  • Tiv’reen ; Deal with the textiles, owning almost all of the silkeries, flax farms leather dealers, etc.
  • S’Ral ; Primarily shippers and import dealers. Their external contacts often place them at odds with other Merchant Mon, and perhaps under the most suspicion from the Mon
  • Rhon’Han ; These are the merchants to the merchant mon and the mon. They deal with fine work: gold and silver, limners, artists, etc…
  • DanShar ; Keepers of the Arms of the DanVaro
  • OlDan ; Master of the Coin of the DanVaro
  • DanVar ; Dan of the Mon of the DanVaro

OUTCASTS (OOSHU): Note that OUTCASTS are effectively the same as Dubrum, and are often looked down upon by all “civilized” people. The real difference is that ooshu are not covered by laws of the Mon. This can be good, in that they are allowed to display weapons within a holding, that they are not taxed, and that they can travel anywhere they please. On the down side, they can be refused entry or service, they can be killed without repercussions and they have no recourse to defense from any action taken against them by any member of “society” to include the Dubrum, and the only claim they have to any property (be it land or clothes) is that which they can hold themselves. To be outcast is a fearful prospect to any who have been protected, for even Dubrum have some protection however slight.


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