Bleeding Wounds

To simulate bleeding and First aid:

-1 to -5 will stop on their own if the person is resting in 6 – 15 rounds.

  • Immobility and simple pressure will, in 5 rounds stop 1 to 5 points of bleeding
  • This can be continued as long as needed to get the 5 points stopped.
  • The wound must be immobilized until the wound is healed using normal wound healing rules.
    -6 or greater will not stop on their own. A routine First aid will stop up to 5 points. It can be done several times, eventually reaching where it will stop on it’s own.
    For every 5 points it can be attempted to deal with wholly…2 step more difficult for every 5.
    -6 to – 10 light
    -11 to -15 hard
    -16 to -20 Extremely hard

Anything more than -21 requires second aid, or magic, or a tourniquet…probably lose the limb.

When using magic healing, the magic will heal 1 bleeder per 3 points until the bleeding is stopped. This can only be overridden with spell manipulation.

Every first aid roll takes 3 rounds.

A bleeding wound can be cauterized. The “patient” will make a fire resistance roll. If they fail, they will take a B heat wound, and if they succeed they will take an A critical. Niether of these critical can result in “bleeding”

If the wound is obviously not a “bleeder,” such as that caused by frost or electricity, then it represents continous pain. These can be cured with relief spells or herbs, also…they will eventually numb. With rest and simple attention, they will reduce by one point every 1D6+2 rounds. Once it is numbed, then it must be treated like a bleeding wound…carefull movements only to prevent irritation.

All “bleeding” wounds, no matter the casue can be tracked as individual wounds and rolled on the healing table, or just assume that 1-5 bleeders will heal at one point per day, 6 – 10 at 1 per 2 days, etc. This is how long the wound must be treated carefully. However, to reduce record keeping, the wound can be considered healed after all point caused by it are healed.

Furthermore, any healing (of concussion hits) will heal bleeding at the rate of 3 points of healing per point of bleeding. Although much more inefficient than the blood spells, it will heal.

Bleeding Wounds

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