The Night Wars

Return to T'thrasi'i
** GM Update **

21st day in the Moon of the Cock,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

The decision has been made to travel back to Stone Crown, and if the weather holds, on to the Alfish Holding of Gui’cheng. The hope is to gather more information about the place know as Eternal Fortress.

This afternoon, they encountered several riders, that Li Ming Li said are Loh’an slave raiders.

The weather has not been foul, but the wet winter is coming, with drizzle and fog in the mornings, and a heavy thunderstorm last night. According to Li MingLi, they will be leaving the Boundary River in a couple of days…

A new direction?
** GMs Update **

18th day in the Moon of the Cock,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

After spending several days in the Chamber of the Leaves at Yit Nuvei’i they have decided that they will need to climb the great southern mountains to go to the Shoulders of the World, in search of a Mountain of ice, or the Frozen Fortress. They know that they may be able to start at the Cliffs of Ice, a port trading town somewhere in the north, in, or near, the mountains of the Shoulder of the World. However, as it is getting lat into the fall, a mountain expedition is not advised, so they have returned to Kas’Kashi’i, or Cliffs Watch, to find information, and maybe winter or find passage to the Cliffs of Ice. Nakamura has also spoken with a priest of The Sun, The Mighty, and has been given more information, that may prove useful…

Journey to the West
** GM Update **

28th day in the Moon of the Mouse,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

It has been a long trip, crossing the grasslands and hills enroute to the Yit Nuve’i (Western School or Monastery), where Ming Li said they have information about the Maw’s or the Ice demon. THey hope to gain access to the archives, to give them some clue how to procede against it.

"Secrets" of the Stone Crown
** GM Update **

19th day in the Moon of the Dog,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

Over the last two days, they have been encountering, searching for and researching information that may guide them to the next step of their quest. They have spoken to the Brethren of the Storm, been questioned by the Droge, spoke with the Drogan Body. THey have searched the Universal Academy and talked with the Flagstone Witch…

A new Adventure Begins
** GM Update **

17th day in the Moon of the Dog,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

Within the city of Stone Crown they have settled for a time in The Everfull Font, and have begun restocking and searching for information.

Greetings from the Loh
** GM Update **

16th day in the Moon of the Dog,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

The portal led to a dark chamber, surrounded by stubs of candles, where an old man met them, and spoke to them in Lo. Masayasu spoke some, but not well. The old man went away, and returned with a one eyed man, who spoke passing Vari. He took them to a hidden chamber, where White was, saying he had waited for at least two days…

Several hours later, they are taken out of the chamber in a huge bag of “offal,” but they could make out at least one dead child in amongst the other decaying matter. After being dragged along for what seemed like a great long time, they are uncerimoniously tossed into a moulering pit…when the cut their way out, there are gorcrows and ravens feasting on various barely identifiable remnants. Following the directions they were given, they arrive at a small village and find a building marked by a white bird. There, they are welcomed to the “White Raven” by a man who was born in the Loh, but has spent many years of his life in the Zamidan. He gives them terrible news…

It seems, they are now in Lo’ahn, a place very differnt from what they are familiar with. They, too, have been fighting a war, but quite a different one. The Ice Demon Daw, or EhDaw, has started this war, after he was freed from his prision of ice. Several of his shrines, or Maw’s have opened around the lands, and unspeakable things take place within the walls of these demon gaurded places. The great cities do nothing, as demons seem to appear at random, causing fear, destruction and death. Even the Kogokah, the great tribes, have been plagued by them. The first night, a stick-thin grey demon with seemingly too many joints attacks, and is dispatched by the Hammer of the Sun Rider, but it seems she has suffered an effect from the creature, whose existance changes reality…

From there, they make their way to T’thrasii, the Great City, In hopes of finding more information, and help. Enroute, they are attacked by batwinged spiders the size of small dogs. In this battle, Christiana is blinded in one eye, which Masayasu heals. Unfortuneately, he can not regrow the other eye, which was destroyed in the same attack. The encounter the Bonta Heisho Gok, the Tribe fo 40 Fingers, where they spend a night, and engage in a small amount of trading. Eventually they arrive at their destination, though it may not be everything they were hoping.

** GM Update **

Days later in the Moon of the Spider,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

A fight in the arena led them to some unsettling discoveries, and a way out to sunlight and fresh air!

However, they find fresh blood on the steps, and footsteps in the dust going back into the Iron Halls. They follow the blood, and encounter a Half man/Half snake…and things worse. They find a room were a man in a black robe is performing some sort of blood sacrifice. The ritual seems to power some sort of portal, that he escapes through, taking two remaining sacrifices with him. After a terrible battle, they follow through the portal…

Welcome to the Arena
** GM Update **

2 days later in the Moon of the Spider,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

While trying to force one of the stone doors out of the partially collapsed ampitheater, the door breaks free and crushes Asuka and White. Christiana and Masayasu work, lever and wedge the heavy door so that they can pull them free. THe healer is very concerened at her condition, but is able to heal her and cure her of the disease that besets her during her coma.

They continue to explore, finding a few other odities, but return to the Ampitheater to check out the collapsed exit, and are beset by Undead.

Deeper or Higher
** GM Update **

22nd or 23rd day of the Moon of the Spider,Year of the Spider, Star of the Cock

Wandering further in the caves, they find several doors that seem to have shifted, wedging them into position. They find one that seems to open into a short slightly narrower corridor, littered with stones and rubble. However the door will not budge more than a bit and it is decided to avoid the section. Later they find another similar coridor, but it is relatively clear…but with odd protrusions on the walls. Travelling slowly through this passage, they come to a door with some light gold metal that shows no sign of tarnish. Beyond, they find what appears to be a large ampitheater with a shaft of sunlight shining down the center…

Beneath a Mountain
Drusin Blynn

Translated from Zhander

It has been a long time since I have taken the time for deep introspection. And now I find a deep need for it.

My magic seems to have gone away.

A great deal has happened. We, Nakamura and I have left the goblin caves, and returned to find them, and the children gone. No sign of the Tea Mistress’ chest or the book. We march with the soldiers to the other end of the caves. She and I went on, and discovered more slavers, and indeed were taken by them ourselves. We escaped them after meeting a very disquieting man. They had gone, taken many of the slaves with them, leaving us with children and old men to return to the village of Naru. From there, we hired sell swords. It seems that they hold a much deeper stigma here than that which I am used to. But we hired a quiet female fighter, her companion, a thief and user of magic, and a True Healer of the Goddess of the Winds.

We sought a place that was called the Iron Halls on a small scrap of map we found at the slavers camp. So we followed the map for a long time. eventually coming to an ancient gate of the Mountain Warriors, the Beared Dwarves. To arrive here, the Spring has past, and we had entered summer. We thought to enter the Halls, and scout a bit to see if we could find sign of the slavers, or the slaves. Although I feel the book is important, it has mostly receeded from my thoughts as I think of these children in foul servitude to these men. Unfortunately, after stowing our gear in a place we could return and make a decent camp, tragedy, or whimsy, befalls us, and we are plunged down a stone chute, covered in some sort of oil. The oil catches fire from a broken lantern and we are pursued the length by black smoke and roiling orange flame. We come to an end in aroom with standing oil…and leave it, to find a cliff and a water pool.

And what follows was folly and luck. We encountered creatures, undead or demonic. Fortuneately, we find some sort of underground garden with water and edible plants, or we would have starved long ago. The level of the fortress we find has not weathered well. some of the walls have collapsed. We find a room full of torches, a clear but heavy oil, and mining supplies. All of us would have gone to the spirits if our healer, Masayasu, was not the holy man he is and willing to take our wounds upon himself. Sadly, the quiet fighter, Uschishige was slain, and he could not heal her wounds, but he seemed nearly willing to sacrafice himself for her…I know not how that works, but she was very dead when we reached her. I have lost all accounting of days. We sleep when wounded or tired, eat while resting. We move slowly so as not to trip or set off traps or cause an unstable section to collapse. We have fought many creatures. Including some sort of construct. It was fascinating, and I wish I could have examined it, but it was hostile, and it is what killed Uschi. I was knocked from a cliff, but do not remember it. I was run through by Asuka when she was in a frenzy. I have improved through the rigours, but I am despairing. I do not mind the fare we eat, but I prefer green to white and brown. I fell through a wooden floor into some oily water after being frightened to my very core by some being. The order blends together. But now, we are seing signs that we may be near the surface, but we encounted some sort of insect. Large as a hand, and hard as stone, they were able to fling stones the size of a head at us, and take large chunks of flesh in thier pincing mandibles. I attempted to inflict one with agony, but there was a flash that casued my whole brainpan to tickle, and I was laughing uncontrollably. I do not know if it cast magic back at me, or if my lack of training led to my mis-speaking a word or a failing to create a proper symbol, but I passed out. When I woke, we were in the room we had found earlier with some sort of cat skeleton. The skull was bigger than mine. But when I awoke, the spark was gone.

How do I explain. To one who understands magic, then maybe it is clear, but to one who prays, or focus’ the mind…I don’t know. Maybe the touch of your god is gone, or the surety of your self mastery is gone. What I reached to to weave power into the phrases and gestures…like pushing fire through a lace net, is gone. Cold as ash. When I attempted to reignite it, by sending my vision away from my corporea, there was nothing. Nothing to fan, nothing to strike with a spark. just ash. Perhaps, my teacher was right…my magic is wild, and it has fled, like a wild animal.

Either way, with or without my spark, I must continue. The slaves must be freed, and the slavers punished. And I am hoping to do this in sunlight, in fresh air, perhaps beneath a tree fat with apples…


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