The Night Wars

And out the other side
Back under Sun and Sky

7th day of Fish Moon, Year of the Cock, Star of the Cock

After Spending several about 14 days laying in the back of supply wagons, losing nearly a day to a ruvard death in which thay had to re-arrange all the supplies and sleeping/travel arrangements, they arrive at the Geyat’al (grat hall) Nitgota, the Night Gate. From here, only a few miles to go before returning to the outer world.

They stay at The Scepter, a decent enough inn, but it has no meals. Close to the center of the Nitgota is the Nitinsho, a large underground lake. On the shore of which is the largest building withing the Geyat’al, the Nitpalas. Of particular note for Nakamura, the sun shines into the geyat’al during a part of the day. She Had found the Temple of the God King, which is very similar to the AllFathers temple, but they seem more ritualistic, and it is still not quite what she is used to. However, there is a subliminal drum beat that beats with her heart, and she can feel a warmth that is his presence. From one of the priests, she is told about the Crystal carver Koholu and generally where to find him. He is a serpent man, a S’Skot’thi or Suth’sesstha. She is also told of the Plains rider, the Nakhu’a.

The next day, she goes to observe the sun path, and perform her disciplines near it, as the sun light crosses a polished stone floor, and it’s progress is marked by a dwarf in light robes. They acquire supplies, and the next day, make the trip to the Night Market, a market, just inside the cavern populated by dwarves, humans and a few elves. Here they acquire horses, tack and more supplies. They split up and go to find out about what they can about the rider under the black banner. Which turns out not to be difficult. The Nah’kah Jurki, who claims he will be Kah Kubleh, Chief of all Chiefs. He rides with many Suth’sesstha under a black flag. His First Queen, the Ice Queen, can cast death, apparently. They ride teh plains, raiding vilaages, slaying almost everyone, taking women and children, and send the few survivors out to tell others that he is Kah Kubleh, and all must bow before him, living or dying at his will. Just outside the market, is a blinded female cat person, with a young cat person sleeping in her lap. She has a flat bowl before her, which has a few coins, as well as stones in it.

As they are heading down the crushed stone road, through the gentle hills, they make camp at eventide, but before they bed down, they are approached by a female and 3 males. They ask to share the camp, sharing a large loaf of dark bread. The female, Nigji, tells them a little about the situation in the Keerg. She talkes about the Lappur, the cat people, who hate the Suth’sesstha, and are hated back. She talks some about the chasers of the sun, who cage it at night.

Tomorrow will bring the first dawn seen in at least 2 moons…

Leaving in a supply wagon
for two weeks of short cielings

Moon of the Dog, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

Several nights in the Yellow Tower, a couple of visits to the Temple of the Sun Warrior, which is as close to the Sun Rider as we have found for a long while, and shopping and repair. And selling of the Star Iron.

And a near fatal accident with an avalanche, losing everything over the side of the road en route to the Forbidden City with Shaim.

Wait…Can that be right?

They have now boarded a supply caravan to take them down the Travel road, but since it is only 4 – 5 feet high, they ride in the back of the wagons or lay down in them.

After discussing the scroll case (What to do with it?) and the “Other Nakamura” with Masayasu, she is preparing to see if she can find some answers…

The Diepven
Arriving at Deep Vien Hall

About a sixday into the Moon of the Dog, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

After fleeing the fiendish trap builders, but unfortunately stumbling into a few, they arrive at another of the crystal walls. They break through it, discovering that whatever it is, has bones embedded throughout it, but it shattered relatively easy after Rhodor calls forth the cracks within it.

A few days after that, they come upon what may be a fault as a huge gap is present. While deciding what to do, a huge creature climbs up from the depths. Nakamura believes it may have been a Dweller Beneath, one of the guardians of the Dread Lord, a true Enemy of the Sun Rider and defeates it in a fuege of frenzy.

After healing, and with food running low, they go to half rations, but after about 4 more days, they arrive at the Geyat’al (Great Hall) Deipven, and find a “travellers house” called the Yellow Tower.

They begin resting and restocking…

Arriving at Spider Hall
Is this detour worth it?

The begining of Moon of the Dog, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

Continuing down the dark passages, they encounter starving Stone Trolls, and dispatch them with relative ease. While recovering, they then find giant rats eating the corpses of the trolls. THe rats, however, are more interested in their meal, and though threatening, make no move to attack or pursue our friends.

Days later, they encounter more of the 8 legged worm bodied creatures, and take refuge behind a wall that Rhodohr summoned from the stone itself. Later, they encounter a stone worm which is dispatched with a hasty Sign of Paralysis that was cast, and then it was dispatched.

Days later, they come upon a large double stone door with 4 levers with symbols under them. Eventually, Christiana magically opens it Later, they have come upon a wall, which appears to be made of some crystalline substance. Something similar to what the stone Spiders use to immobilize prey, and decide to go back to a detour. which is only about 5 feet high, but it says it avoids the Eiderkrupalle, the Spiders Hall. They travel most uncomfortably for about a day before they leave this back into the main hall. The head what should be away from the Hall, and find a ramp of debris which they climb over. On the other side, they find a tangle of fine string forming a kind of web across the hall, with small sharp slivers of metal tied into it. They burn it, and fire begins dripping from the ceiling above the burning ruin of the ersatz web…But is that running footsteps they hear from the other side of the ramp?

Far down the Gamulstein
A sad loss

20th day in Moon of the Spider, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

After having defeating the flying black serpent and it’s minions, they continued deeper into the undermountains. Several days later, they are beset by 8 legged worms creatures that appeared to be made of stone. They spit a sticky entangling substance, had poison bites and flung stone pellets out of their back end.

During this very dangerous encounter, Masayasu, Christiana, and White were all nearly killed, but Taki was killed, succombing to a viscious bite and it’s poison.

A while later, they were attacked by starving stone trolls…

A long Journey and Through the Shoulders

11th day in Moon of the Spider, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

An exhausting trip down the mountains from the Forbidden Fortress, led to a reunion, and a loss of a companion. From there, days of recovery, and a long trek into the Shoulders of the World to RolligVin, to gather supplies, and begin the trek to the otherside of the Shoulders.

Rhodor recommended this as one of the five Undermountains that he knows of that cross completely through. However, they find a problem. The Stien Veien is only about 5 feet high, which is quite short to travel about 600 miles. The Gamulsteen is around eight feet high…but it is 800 miles, and it has been abandon because of dark invaders…

They have begun the deep trek, past the first of the Gate doors, and have a dire encounter…

A Reunion, and a sadness
A Joining, and a farewell

18th day in Moon of the Goat, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

After a rather trying journey down the mountain, and several signifcant ijuries Nakamura faced shortages of food, which she was able to remedy. She arrived down from the Shoulders, into the slopes, and then entered the edges of the forest, where she rejoined her party before theyreached the Travellers Road. Ufortuneately, in one of the first encounters after this reunion, Li-Bo, is killed in a greusome manner. Several days later, they arriv at the Red Fortress, and spend the night in the beds, even though the ticks are un aired.

The Eternal Fortress and back
What day is it?

19th day in Moon of the Hog, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

After just a few more days, they arrive at the broken bridge. The decision is made for Nakamura to go in alone due to the warnings about seperating that they had heard.

Inside she encounters a kalaidascope of images and situations, which she sems to have overcome, leaving the fortress after what may have been 3 days. However, when she finds the camp of the others, she is led to believe that thay sayed for 16 days…about 6 days longer than expected, but they are not to be found. She determines that her only course of action is to head back to the Elven city of Gui’Cheng as they had planned. On her way, the weather turns foul…

The Road Goes On
And it's origin is still questioned

3rd day in Moon of the Ape, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

While continuing up the road the next evening, they are attacked by the Huntarr and it’s hunting dog. The battle is dangerous, but Christiana runs one of her enchanted daggers deep into its guts, and it collapses, and so it is not long. Two days later, the odd road comes to an almost vertical cliff, and it runs straight up the face. However, next to it is a small ledge that runs back and forth, maybe a foot wide at the best. Tying themselves in pairs, they climb up. Li and Masayasu fall, catching themselves about half way down. The climbing takes the better part of the morning, and they continue on. The next day the come to a gorge, at least 200 feet down to a river, and again the odd road drops straight down on this side into the river below, and climbes the opposite wall in the constant straight line. However, there is a bar of Goblin Iron that spans the distance, with a chain along the length. Because the bar is narrow, and the chains really too low for the humans to use, Rhodor attempts to build a bridge across by summoning a stone wall over the bar. He gets a foot wide span over about a third, and crosses the bridge to successfully do the same from the other side….leaving just about 25 yards of bar to cross between them…which everyone crosses safely. Still not certain how far to go, the Vernal Equinox is on the 10th day of the moon of the Ape…about 7 days away!

The road goes on
But sometimes makes little sense

23rd day in Moon of the Cat, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

They continue into the moutains, following the vague guide they recieved at Gui’Cheng. They have an unfortunate encounter with mountain trolls, and though injured, all survive.

Later they find human skulls arranged on the road, and they continue on. Not long after, they are attacked by what White later called an Huntarr, a hunting demon, and he warned that as it had escaped, itwould likely pursue them, so they continue up the “Road…”


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