The Night Wars

Far down the Gamulstein
A sad loss

20th day in Moon of the Spider, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

After having defeating the flying black serpent and it’s minions, they continued deeper into the undermountains. Several days later, they are beset by 8 legged worms creatures that appeared to be made of stone. They spit a sticky entangling substance, had poison bites and flung stone pellets out of their back end.

During this very dangerous encounter, Masayasu, Christiana, and White were all nearly killed, but Taki was killed, succombing to a viscious bite and it’s poison.

A while later, they were attacked by starving stone trolls…

A long Journey and Through the Shoulders

11th day in Moon of the Spider, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

An exhausting trip down the mountains from the Forbidden Fortress, led to a reunion, and a loss of a companion. From there, days of recovery, and a long trek into the Shoulders of the World to RolligVin, to gather supplies, and begin the trek to the otherside of the Shoulders.

Rhodor recommended this as one of the five Undermountains that he knows of that cross completely through. However, they find a problem. The Stien Veien is only about 5 feet high, which is quite short to travel about 600 miles. The Gamulsteen is around eight feet high…but it is 800 miles, and it has been abandon because of dark invaders…

They have begun the deep trek, past the first of the Gate doors, and have a dire encounter…

A Reunion, and a sadness
A Joining, and a farewell

18th day in Moon of the Goat, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

After a rather trying journey down the mountain, and several signifcant ijuries Nakamura faced shortages of food, which she was able to remedy. She arrived down from the Shoulders, into the slopes, and then entered the edges of the forest, where she rejoined her party before theyreached the Travellers Road. Ufortuneately, in one of the first encounters after this reunion, Li-Bo, is killed in a greusome manner. Several days later, they arriv at the Red Fortress, and spend the night in the beds, even though the ticks are un aired.

The Eternal Fortress and back
What day is it?

19th day in Moon of the Hog, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

After just a few more days, they arrive at the broken bridge. The decision is made for Nakamura to go in alone due to the warnings about seperating that they had heard.

Inside she encounters a kalaidascope of images and situations, which she sems to have overcome, leaving the fortress after what may have been 3 days. However, when she finds the camp of the others, she is led to believe that thay sayed for 16 days…about 6 days longer than expected, but they are not to be found. She determines that her only course of action is to head back to the Elven city of Gui’Cheng as they had planned. On her way, the weather turns foul…

The Road Goes On
And it's origin is still questioned

3rd day in Moon of the Ape, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

While continuing up the road the next evening, they are attacked by the Huntarr and it’s hunting dog. The battle is dangerous, but Christiana runs one of her enchanted daggers deep into its guts, and it collapses, and so it is not long. Two days later, the odd road comes to an almost vertical cliff, and it runs straight up the face. However, next to it is a small ledge that runs back and forth, maybe a foot wide at the best. Tying themselves in pairs, they climb up. Li and Masayasu fall, catching themselves about half way down. The climbing takes the better part of the morning, and they continue on. The next day the come to a gorge, at least 200 feet down to a river, and again the odd road drops straight down on this side into the river below, and climbes the opposite wall in the constant straight line. However, there is a bar of Goblin Iron that spans the distance, with a chain along the length. Because the bar is narrow, and the chains really too low for the humans to use, Rhodor attempts to build a bridge across by summoning a stone wall over the bar. He gets a foot wide span over about a third, and crosses the bridge to successfully do the same from the other side….leaving just about 25 yards of bar to cross between them…which everyone crosses safely. Still not certain how far to go, the Vernal Equinox is on the 10th day of the moon of the Ape…about 7 days away!

The road goes on
But sometimes makes little sense

23rd day in Moon of the Cat, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

They continue into the moutains, following the vague guide they recieved at Gui’Cheng. They have an unfortunate encounter with mountain trolls, and though injured, all survive.

Later they find human skulls arranged on the road, and they continue on. Not long after, they are attacked by what White later called an Huntarr, a hunting demon, and he warned that as it had escaped, itwould likely pursue them, so they continue up the “Road…”

The Journey continues
To the Eternal Fortress

7th day in Moon of the Cat, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

After The Bitters day, the last day of winter, preparations are made to travel. Cold weather gear is refreshed, rations are acquired and plans made. On the 26th of the Mouse moon, they departed the steading of Spar’Ladar and chose to follow the traders path that, according to thier map, crossed the ancient road near Ran’kuk.

They have a disquieting encounter a few days later and then reach the edge of the weather protected Great Wood, or Dai’mu as the Elves their say, and discover that spring at the foothils of the Shoulders is not quite warm and cheery.

Following the trail, they have an unsettling encounter with a Clutch. They are forced to turn back a few days later as the trail is blocked…

Everything leads to here...

Dear Aiko,

The war ground down to a halt. Winter began to break up and so, it would seem, did the enemy armies. Hard times still faced us, but one morning as the sun rose I felt a calling. Walking away from Naru I joined the Sun Rider in his progress across the sky. Me. Can you believe it? Walking a paladin’s path.

Then I met an foreigner waiting patiently in the Swan for the delivery of a book that would never come. I’m not sure what would have happened to him if I hadn’t come along that day… or me for that matter. This whole journey started with him and his book…

The search for that book lead us to The Dawn Caves and what appeared to be a new band of slavers using them as a hideout again. Only they weren’t simple slavers. They were devotees from another foreign land of a demon godling collecting people to fuel their fires.

With the welfare of our people in mind we followed those devotees through the portal they arrived in and found ourselves across the sea in Lo’an… where we have traveled the land learning its ways and about the Clutches that worship a demigod known as Eudoh… and yes, I have noticed the similarity to its name and my family name. I am afraid to ever mention it for fear of making that possible connection real.

Now we find ourselves deep in a magical wood waiting out the winter in a Elven city. Waiting for travel weather to seek out a place called The Eternal Fortress. Nothing bad can happen in a place named such, can it? What we have learned of this fortress seems to indicate that it is a home of supreme madness where time does not flow even and true and that whatever you seek can be found there. We seek weapons to kill demons and cannot find them within these lands themselves so to the Eternal Fortress we must go.

From there it is a simple task of finding the ice caves where Eudoh is currently trapped… but not for long we are told…. Where are these ice caves you ask? Why only within the Shoulders of the World… a very large, very high mountain range that divides these lands. It is our simple task to find it and destroy the demigod within. Not too hard, eh?

All I want to do is return home. I followed these people to keep them from stealing my people, and I find a much bigger story… a story I will not turn my back on, and in truth cannot, as the Sun Rider has seen fit to task me. Go figure that. But still. All I want to do is go home. I am finding it very hard to keep focused and even harder to see a clear path in front of me. I could really use your council right about now. You and your clear vision and strategic mind… that and your arms, both for your sword and the feel of them wrapped around me.

Right now I wait. I don’t wait well. But you know that. Send me strength, Aiko. I will need it.

Your Asuka

Within the Unassailable
Arriving at Gui'cheng

16th day Moon of the Mule, Year of the Dog, Star of the Cock

After dealing with the remains of their encounter, they travel on a dark and sandy path, marked by joined tree arches. They come upon a place where large pods depend from several huge trees and the encounter the wood elves. As they approach the Elven holding of Gui’cheng, they discover that the residents are protected by thorned gates, and traps. They take up residents in the roots of a great tree and begin to search for information. Which proves to be a bit more difficult than expected, as they deal with the shock of a very different culture.

The decision is made to winter over in the mild weather while they gather what info they can…

The Eastern Wood

10th day Moon of the Mule, Year of the Dog, Star of the Cock

After a couple of days of rest, Rhodhor created stone walls around the hole, and they continued on. A brief encounter with a Giant with no injuries suffered bouyed the spirits.

A few days later, someone marks their tents. And then they arrive at the Great Eastern Wood. As they are setting camp just inside to woods, they encounter a patrol of Grey Elves. From the elves, they are given instructions to reach the Great City of Gui’cheng. They are also given guidelines as to what is expected of them while in the woods. At the Golden Tree, they have a particularly unpleasant encounter that is dispatched with relative ease.


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