The Night Wars

The Dawn Caves

14th day of the Moon of the Snake, Year of the Dog, Star of the Cock

Note: we have done a shuffle, changing a bit of the background of how they got here…

They have begun to explore these caves and the area. They have found more traps. They have begun to explore a finished cave, and have encountered difficulties…

Crazy Old Woman

21st – 22nd of the Hog, Year 125 of the Unified Zamidan

Auremelia marched through the edge of the woods going to Talega. Enroute, after 14 hours of travelling, they camped. That night they were attacked by Devil Dogs, killing Asipledies, her latest Healer. The next morning, he was commended to the Father, and they travelled the rest of the way in a thunderstorm.

Upon entering the main building at Talega, (A stone 3 story building behind remnants of a stone wall, surrounded by a bout a dozen wooden buildings) she was taken up to meet Yuri Shanki’i, a venerable High woman, who talked about her theory of the enemy they face…A possible coalition of a Lich, a Draco-Lich, an Imorttal Troll, A vampire pirate and a Demon (who was last seen frozen in a mountain of ice)! Or maybe a dwarf who built his own tomb after he died…

It also happens that the woman was held for 6 years in shackles by Jaruvan DanShar.

Perhaps some answers

18th – 20th of the Hog, Year 125 of the Unified Zamidan

Auremelia has gone to the Grove of the Storm Queen, The Matron of the Woods, and inquired after the adventurers she met during the winter in the Salted City. There she discovered some sad news about the priest, and she saw a curious message that may have been sent by these adventurers, as it arrived by a bird of the Zhandarel coast.

“The Words of Daw
Demon of Ice
Relate to Lich Wyrm”

She sought a sage, and was pointed to a Shanki’i who dwells in the ruins of the town of Talega. The Shanki’i are known as reclusive high men who are sages and sometimes mages who do not deign to join the “civilized” society. Talega was a town over a day south of Var, that was abandon during the Unification Wars.

Dinner With the Aunt and Something Found

14th and 15th of the Hog, Year 125 of the Unified Zamidan

Auramelia goes hunting with an known Hammer, a new Hound and Healer. The moon turns red in part of the Temple district, inside the second Wall of the Black City.

Then The Most Excellent DanShar has dinner with The Excellencies Auramelia and Yoshishige. Many things are discussed. Sakaru is discussed as is the Salted City and the evening is finished with Molerean Ice.

Chonagako is interviewed as First Girl

The Tiger Returns

13th Day of the Moon of the Hog in the Year of the Mouse in the Star of the Cock

The Running Tiger has returned to The Black City. On the 9th, a Sam and a Yusam, of The Most Excellent’s Dragon guard were posted outside Rams Leg manor.

The Naru Chronicles 14Snake, year of the Dog

14th day of the Moon of the Snake, Year of the Dog, Star of the Cock

The Players have arrived at the Dawn Caves, AKA the Bandit caves, hoping to stop the goblin incursions into the environs of Naru. It seems the war may be over. There have been no significant forces sighted for several seven days. However, the last ship from the Golden city was over 3 seven days ago.


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