The Night Wars

The Diepven

Arriving at Deep Vien Hall

About a sixday into the Moon of the Dog, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

After fleeing the fiendish trap builders, but unfortunately stumbling into a few, they arrive at another of the crystal walls. They break through it, discovering that whatever it is, has bones embedded throughout it, but it shattered relatively easy after Rhodor calls forth the cracks within it.

A few days after that, they come upon what may be a fault as a huge gap is present. While deciding what to do, a huge creature climbs up from the depths. Nakamura believes it may have been a Dweller Beneath, one of the guardians of the Dread Lord, a true Enemy of the Sun Rider and defeates it in a fuege of frenzy.

After healing, and with food running low, they go to half rations, but after about 4 more days, they arrive at the Geyat’al (Great Hall) Deipven, and find a “travellers house” called the Yellow Tower.

They begin resting and restocking…


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