The Night Wars

Arriving at Spider Hall

Is this detour worth it?

The begining of Moon of the Dog, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

Continuing down the dark passages, they encounter starving Stone Trolls, and dispatch them with relative ease. While recovering, they then find giant rats eating the corpses of the trolls. THe rats, however, are more interested in their meal, and though threatening, make no move to attack or pursue our friends.

Days later, they encounter more of the 8 legged worm bodied creatures, and take refuge behind a wall that Rhodohr summoned from the stone itself. Later, they encounter a stone worm which is dispatched with a hasty Sign of Paralysis that was cast, and then it was dispatched.

Days later, they come upon a large double stone door with 4 levers with symbols under them. Eventually, Christiana magically opens it Later, they have come upon a wall, which appears to be made of some crystalline substance. Something similar to what the stone Spiders use to immobilize prey, and decide to go back to a detour. which is only about 5 feet high, but it says it avoids the Eiderkrupalle, the Spiders Hall. They travel most uncomfortably for about a day before they leave this back into the main hall. The head what should be away from the Hall, and find a ramp of debris which they climb over. On the other side, they find a tangle of fine string forming a kind of web across the hall, with small sharp slivers of metal tied into it. They burn it, and fire begins dripping from the ceiling above the burning ruin of the ersatz web…But is that running footsteps they hear from the other side of the ramp?


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