Tyan Feng-lu, Singer of Birdsong

Droge of Loh'an


An Ancient True Man woman with eyes and hair the color of dull steel. In her youth, about 200 years ago, she was a rogue, and has become a master of her crafts, even though she has spent over 100 years ruling as Droge. She is know to be occasionally eccentric, wether due to her personality or her age, people are not certain and will, for their own safety, not deign to voice. It is said she talks to the birds and the rats of the city, but her desires are not well known.

She is a wise ruler in that she does not demand the sun to rise in the west, nor the snows to come in the summers. She is the Knowd and Acknowledged Droge of All of the Loh, but how she keeps the Investemnt of Flame funded is an oft discussed mystery.


Tyan Feng-lu, Singer of Birdsong

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