Tamas, balogh

A tall scruffy man, who bears many scars of battles past.


Tamas stands roughly at around six foot two inches. His silent bulk is contrasted by the energetic mass of the large war cat pup, bouncing at his heels. His leather armor is mismatched and re-worked, the symbols of all the companies he was in, all sewn onto his right arm. His long orange hair is let loose around his shoulders, but his beard is braided and platted. Most of his bulk is made up of muscle but he’s not ashamed to admit that he drinks after every night, giving him a bit of a gut. His heavy brow makes his already sunken eyes seem like dark wells upon his face. His nose is the most prominant feature of his Zander face, its bridge is thick and tall, just as the nostrils are large and open.


Tamas, balogh

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