Drusin "white" Blynn

A pale Half elf with golden hair and crystal green eyes.


At 6’3" and only 155 pounds the only thing that belies his human heritage is the broader shoulders, noticeable facial hair and the very soft points on his ears. His eyebrows and thin mustache are the same golden color as his hair, but when his beard becomes noticeable it has a distinct red tint to it, so he usually keeps it shorn. His clothes tend toward drab, wearing a boiled leather tunic bereft of design, but it has been roughly used. He wears a satchel with both a belt and shoulder strap. It has an odd twist clip that allows him to drop it with a deft twist and jerk. It is a darkly stained lightly textured soft leather. He wears short dark brown boots with ties of heavy cord.


Drusin "white" Blynn

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