The Night Wars

The Road Goes On

And it's origin is still questioned

3rd day in Moon of the Ape, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

While continuing up the road the next evening, they are attacked by the Huntarr and it’s hunting dog. The battle is dangerous, but Christiana runs one of her enchanted daggers deep into its guts, and it collapses, and so it is not long. Two days later, the odd road comes to an almost vertical cliff, and it runs straight up the face. However, next to it is a small ledge that runs back and forth, maybe a foot wide at the best. Tying themselves in pairs, they climb up. Li and Masayasu fall, catching themselves about half way down. The climbing takes the better part of the morning, and they continue on. The next day the come to a gorge, at least 200 feet down to a river, and again the odd road drops straight down on this side into the river below, and climbes the opposite wall in the constant straight line. However, there is a bar of Goblin Iron that spans the distance, with a chain along the length. Because the bar is narrow, and the chains really too low for the humans to use, Rhodor attempts to build a bridge across by summoning a stone wall over the bar. He gets a foot wide span over about a third, and crosses the bridge to successfully do the same from the other side….leaving just about 25 yards of bar to cross between them…which everyone crosses safely. Still not certain how far to go, the Vernal Equinox is on the 10th day of the moon of the Ape…about 7 days away!


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