The Night Wars

The Journey continues

To the Eternal Fortress

7th day in Moon of the Cat, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

After The Bitters day, the last day of winter, preparations are made to travel. Cold weather gear is refreshed, rations are acquired and plans made. On the 26th of the Mouse moon, they departed the steading of Spar’Ladar and chose to follow the traders path that, according to thier map, crossed the ancient road near Ran’kuk.

They have a disquieting encounter a few days later and then reach the edge of the weather protected Great Wood, or Dai’mu as the Elves their say, and discover that spring at the foothils of the Shoulders is not quite warm and cheery.

Following the trail, they have an unsettling encounter with a Clutch. They are forced to turn back a few days later as the trail is blocked…


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