The Night Wars

The Eternal Fortress and back

What day is it?

19th day in Moon of the Hog, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

After just a few more days, they arrive at the broken bridge. The decision is made for Nakamura to go in alone due to the warnings about seperating that they had heard.

Inside she encounters a kalaidascope of images and situations, which she sems to have overcome, leaving the fortress after what may have been 3 days. However, when she finds the camp of the others, she is led to believe that thay sayed for 16 days…about 6 days longer than expected, but they are not to be found. She determines that her only course of action is to head back to the Elven city of Gui’Cheng as they had planned. On her way, the weather turns foul…


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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