The Night Wars

And out the other side

Back under Sun and Sky

7th day of Fish Moon, Year of the Cock, Star of the Cock

After Spending several about 14 days laying in the back of supply wagons, losing nearly a day to a ruvard death in which thay had to re-arrange all the supplies and sleeping/travel arrangements, they arrive at the Geyat’al (grat hall) Nitgota, the Night Gate. From here, only a few miles to go before returning to the outer world.

They stay at The Scepter, a decent enough inn, but it has no meals. Close to the center of the Nitgota is the Nitinsho, a large underground lake. On the shore of which is the largest building withing the Geyat’al, the Nitpalas. Of particular note for Nakamura, the sun shines into the geyat’al during a part of the day. She Had found the Temple of the God King, which is very similar to the AllFathers temple, but they seem more ritualistic, and it is still not quite what she is used to. However, there is a subliminal drum beat that beats with her heart, and she can feel a warmth that is his presence. From one of the priests, she is told about the Crystal carver Koholu and generally where to find him. He is a serpent man, a S’Skot’thi or Suth’sesstha. She is also told of the Plains rider, the Nakhu’a.

The next day, she goes to observe the sun path, and perform her disciplines near it, as the sun light crosses a polished stone floor, and it’s progress is marked by a dwarf in light robes. They acquire supplies, and the next day, make the trip to the Night Market, a market, just inside the cavern populated by dwarves, humans and a few elves. Here they acquire horses, tack and more supplies. They split up and go to find out about what they can about the rider under the black banner. Which turns out not to be difficult. The Nah’kah Jurki, who claims he will be Kah Kubleh, Chief of all Chiefs. He rides with many Suth’sesstha under a black flag. His First Queen, the Ice Queen, can cast death, apparently. They ride teh plains, raiding vilaages, slaying almost everyone, taking women and children, and send the few survivors out to tell others that he is Kah Kubleh, and all must bow before him, living or dying at his will. Just outside the market, is a blinded female cat person, with a young cat person sleeping in her lap. She has a flat bowl before her, which has a few coins, as well as stones in it.

As they are heading down the crushed stone road, through the gentle hills, they make camp at eventide, but before they bed down, they are approached by a female and 3 males. They ask to share the camp, sharing a large loaf of dark bread. The female, Nigji, tells them a little about the situation in the Keerg. She talkes about the Lappur, the cat people, who hate the Suth’sesstha, and are hated back. She talks some about the chasers of the sun, who cage it at night.

Tomorrow will bring the first dawn seen in at least 2 moons…


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