The Night Wars

A long Journey and Through the Shoulders

11th day in Moon of the Spider, Year of the Mouse, Star of the Cock

An exhausting trip down the mountains from the Forbidden Fortress, led to a reunion, and a loss of a companion. From there, days of recovery, and a long trek into the Shoulders of the World to RolligVin, to gather supplies, and begin the trek to the otherside of the Shoulders.

Rhodor recommended this as one of the five Undermountains that he knows of that cross completely through. However, they find a problem. The Stien Veien is only about 5 feet high, which is quite short to travel about 600 miles. The Gamulsteen is around eight feet high…but it is 800 miles, and it has been abandon because of dark invaders…

They have begun the deep trek, past the first of the Gate doors, and have a dire encounter…


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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