1st Volume This campaign is going to be 2 in one. carefully check the dates, and or the character when reading or posting to the log.

These campaign are both taking place after the so called “Night Wars.” One revolves around one of the Mon and is running several moons ahead of the other part.

2nd Volume This second part takes place (for now) around the port town of Naru, and how they are coping with the aftermath of the war. This part has moved to the ancient Dwarven fortress known only as Iron Halls.

3rd Volume The latest chapter of the Night Wars takes place on the Captured Oyna Tet, Oyna Yomi, in the hills west of the Town of Uvae. The Golden City has been captured by the invading forces, and Uvae, now called White Field, is ruled by a Hill Man Sell Sword called Ienaga, who keeps pits of undead to hunt down people for his entertainment.

The Night Wars

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